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About Us

GiraffesConsulting is a professional career coaching practice established by Terrylynn Smith for the purpose of helping people from all walks of life move into rewarding employment or navigate a successful career change. Recognizing that each of us has a unique personality and outlook, Terrylynn takes an individualized approach to each of her clients to help them find their “inner giraffe,” tapping into their own internal wisdom to guide them to the career of their dreams. At different times, she acts as career coach, life coach, accountability coach, cheerleader–whatever is needed at the moment to help the client move forward.

Whom We Can Help:

  • People who have recently been laid off or unemployed
  • People who are tired and bored in their current career and looking for a change
  • People wishing to expand their horizons or reinvent themselves professionally
  • Graduates looking to land their first “real” job
  • College students looking to position themselves competitively for the workforce before graduation
  • Corporations in need of outplacement services
“They call me the employment whisperer. I help people who are unemployed or stuck in their career get moving, face their fears and land a position with purpose–not just a job with a salary.”
–Terrylynn Smith

About Terrylynn Smith



Known to her clients as the “Employment Whisperer,“ Terrylynn helps people who are unemployed or looking to change their career, as well as recent college graduates, face their fears and create a plan to find a position with purpose, not just a job with a salary. As the founder and president of Giraffes Consulting, she instills in her clients an appreciation for the inevitability of change, and encourages them to take control of their lives in the face of it.


Often asked why she named her business “Giraffes Consulting,” Terrylynn says that she fell in love with giraffes on a golfing and safari adventure in South Africa. After having named her company “Giraffes Consulting,” she realized that these graceful creatures exhibit several human behaviors of success: they lean forward with confidence, they are highly flexible, and they have a farsighted, almost future-oriented, tree-top view of the world. It was karma!


Known for her positive, empathetic approach, Terrylynn uses active listening and probing questions to help her clients discover who they are and what they want to do. She then helps them design a strategy to reach their goals utilizing four essential tools: a customized resume/cover letter; a compelling LinkedIn profile; a strategy for network development; and interview preparation and practice. In so doing, she helps her clients face their fears and create a plan to land the job they want.


Laid off at the age of 68 amid a corporate merger, Terrylynn decided to use her 30 years of experience as a human resources executive to become a career coach. A graduate of the Georgetown University Leadership & Coaching Program and a member of both the Society for Human Resource Management and the International Coaching Federation, she brings a fierce commitment to helping her clients thrive in the midst of change. With the energy of the cheerleader that she was in high school, Terrylynn is laser-focused on helping her clients reach their full potential.


Financially independent, Terrylynn measures her success by the degree to which she is able to give back, passing along a significant portion of her business revenue to such worthy causes as Charity Water, the New York Women’s Foundation, the American Red Cross, the Wounded Warrior Project, Razom for Ukraine, and JAIA, a youth development program. The enjoyment she derives from giving back is shared by her clients, who feel that, by working with her, they, too, are contributing to the greater good.


As Terrylynn is fond of telling her clients, her prospective clients and anyone who will listen, “With courage and a plan, you can accomplish anything!” 

Giraffes Theory: Our Underlying Philosophy

The inspiration behind the Giraffes Theory came to Terrylynn Smith during a trip to South Africa. While observing giraffes in their natural habitat, she observed several correlations between the behaviors of the giraffe and the behaviors that lead to success. From this life-changing experience has come a proven strategy that Terrylynn shares with all her clients, empowering them to see the bigger picture in formulating a plan for their career.

Four Key Characteristics of the Giraffe:

  1. The giraffe leans forward, not backward. Its long neck naturally extends at a forward trajectory from the body, leading it ever forward—a key characteristic to have in times of transition.
  2. The giraffe has a long vision. As the world’s tallest mammal, the giraffe can see above the throng, beyond the immediate obstacles to the horizon beyond.
  3. The giraffe is naturally curious. The length of its neck enables the giraffe to take a closer look at its surroundings, from the treetops above to the grass below.
  4. The giraffe is flexible and able to stretch. While able to move its head both high and low, the giraffe has the natural ability to touch heights others can’t reach.

These four characteristics form the foundation of the Giraffes Theory, a profound and transformational way of approaching career changes and other life transitions in an empowering way.

It Only Takes Courage and a Plan.

Landing a new job or embarking on a new career is a major life change by all accounts. It can be a scary and intimidating prospect even in the best of times. Utilizing the principles of the Giraffes Theory, Terrylynn helps her clients develop a plan of action derived from their own internal wisdom and innate forward-thinking abilities. This plan will look different for everyone, but it will be definitive enough to provide structure, yet flexible enough to accommodate the unexpected twists and turns.



Land the Job You Want

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