We All Need a Cheerleader Sometimes

When I was in high school, I went out for the cheerleading squad. I was always very athletic as a kid, but growing up in Rochester, New York in the sixties, there weren’t really a lot of opportunities for girls to play school sports. Cheerleading was one of the few outlets girls had for being physically active, and being naturally athletic, I could do all the tricks and jumps, so it was hard to turn me down even if I didn’t have the “look” of a cheerleader. I made the team, and I was so excited…until I came home and announced it to my family. Especially my father.

My father was a man of few words, and most of the time, I could do no wrong in his eyes. But when I told him I was going to be a cheerleader, he looked like he’d seen a ghost. He broke his silence: “I don’t like the idea of you jumping around in front of a lot of people yelling and screaming. I don’t think it’s very ladylike.” I was devastated. Thankfully, my mom was more open to it, and she said, “We’ll discuss it later.” I never heard another complaint.

Looking back, I realize my dad was just protective of his little girl. Of course, years later, I can see that my experience as a cheerleader ended up informing almost every job I took as an adult. It turns out I’m a natural cheerleader. It’s what I’m known for—not just in an athletic environment, but in life. It’s one of the reasons why I love being a career coach, and it’s why I bring that cheerleading aspect to my approach.

Here’s the thing: We all need a cheerleader once in a while. Especially when we’re in a point of transition, change, or even crisis. Looking for a new job or career is stressful, especially if you didn’t become unemployed on purpose. And while I teach important skills to help people land the job they want—sometimes we just need to be cheered on and encouraged. I love that I’m able to be there for that part of the journey.

In the short video above, I share a bit more about the cheerleading aspect of what I do and why it’s so important. Please take a look and tell me what you think! And of course, if you’re looking to find a new job or launch a career, I’m here to help. Shoot me an email at terrylynn@giraffesconsulting.com and let’s set you up with a free 30-minute consultation.